Power Hands Safety Push Stick
for Table Saw and Router Table

A Push Stick Engineered from the Ground Up!

Each push stick comes with TWO interchangeable traction treads.

The Power Hands Safety Push Stick shown below is working on the table saw using the FLAT TRACTION TREAD.

The Power Hands Safety Push Stick shown below is working on the router table
using the "V" TRACTION TREAD.


The Spring Loaded Pushpin

The pushpin hides inside the push stick until
it reaches the end of a long board, when it automatically pops down and grabs the board for the final push (spring loaded).

When using the push stick on the
table saw, your anxiety level drops to almost zero.

The Spring Loaded Pushpin

This photo shows the spring loaded pushpin disassembled. This ability to retract the pushpin makes this push stick PERFORM EXACTLY the way it should on a table saw and or a router table.

This safety tool is the only push stick on the national market that also works on the router table (and shaper) by using the ā€œVā€ Traction Tread.

With the "V" traction tread, the tool is held at an angle which puts pressure on the fence and the table top at the same time.

This angle is necessary to get a clean router cut. The pushpin is hidden up inside the push stick.

The pushpin automatically pops down at the end of the board.

On Cutting Thin Material:

On thin wood, the pushpin slides up into the body of the push stick so the friction pad stays flat on the board.

Only a push stick with a retractable pin can keep the friction pad on the bottom of the push stick pressed against the surface of the board when cutting very thin wood.

Four More Features of the Woodworker's Safety Push Stick!

Your hand is kept a full FOUR INCHES above the blade. This distance is what makes your hand and YOU, FEEL SAFE!

The body of the push stick PREVENTS your hand from being pulled down into the blade in case the saw grabbed your sleeve.

The push stick is made of a material that WILL NOT HARM your sawblade in case you accidentally cut it.

The pushstick is made with a BRIGHT ORANGE safety color so you can find it quickly, and REMEMBER to use it!

Cutting Short Pieces of Wood Safely:

The typical push stick (shown below) does not sit on top of the wood, allowing the back side of the saw blade to lift the wood. This creates a dangerous situation and can throw the wood. Also on short pieces of wood, they can jam between the blade and the fence, also a precarious situation.

The Power Hands push stick can safely cut short pieces of wood by sitting and 'riding' on top of them, thus preventing jams and throw backs.

A critique of the Power Hands Safety Push Stick by the Woodworker's Guild of America.
(On YouTube)

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